The Jerusalem Healing Sound Salon

My 2 octaves of chimes were specially designed for 5 minutes of continuous sound - a unique experience you can't find anywhere else.

1 of 3 sets in the world, the chimes were made for me by my mentor in Montreal for the work in Jerusalem.

The sound supports a new experience of the body without past resonances. Attune to the loving presence of sacredness and experience renewal, relaxation, upliftment and peace.
* Tuning forks for individual in-person sessions.

BENEFITS OF SOaking in sound

Hosting a women’s group from Hebron.

Jerusalem invites you to focus on the holy and tune in to the sacred.
It asks you to transcend inner and outer divisions by loving more deeply and finding peace within despite external triggers that tempt you to judge, react or oppose.

Jerusalem is one of the best places in the world for personal and collective healing work - not only because it’s holy to so many people, but because it needs it the most.

“Jerusalem is a swing - sometimes I descend into its generations, and sometimes I ascend to the Heavens.” - Poet Yehudit Amichai

“The Jerusalem of this world is not like the Jerusalem of the next world. The Jerusalem of this world - anyone who wants to ascend there may ascend. But the one of the next world - only those who are prepared for it may ascend.” - The Talmud


I just feel better about everything 

I can see the bigger picture and understand why I went through what I went through and appreciate the opportunities being offered me. Working with Kim helped me see that the universe really knows what it’s doing, that we are always supported and guided, and that there is a blessing and Divine hand in everything. Nothing short of inspiring.”

– Malka M, writer