I’m clearer about the way forward

Thanks to the session with Kim and her insights, it is now clearer to me what to focus on and what to strive for, for which I am grateful to her

- Marta Wiercinska

I went deep into my heart to process the past + felt peaceful

MIt was a great deep experience as I was tuned to previous events and traumas. I felt very relaxed after the session. On the following days and weeks, I felt that I managed to talk about some experiences were hidden deep into my memory. I felt very peaceful in myself and that I need to navigate deeper into my memories. The new thing about this approach was the spiritual aspect of healing and the ability to get picture related to my previous experiences inside my heart. I would like to recommend this treatment to people who have traumas and lost feeling of sympathy and compassionate link with others. People want to discover their inner self and wanted to process various previous events happened to them in the past.
- Mohamed Khalil, psychiatrist in Belfast

I felt full of hope + strength

Before the session, I felt stressed and a little confused about some things, but I trusted Kim fully. I left feeling full of hope, strengthened, more comfortable, relaxed, clear and grounded in my body and mind. The work approach was different than anything I experienced in the past – with sounds and a unique way of dealing with the body. It is a real process of healing. Normally, it takes a lot of sessions to reach healing but this therapy is more effective. It was a significant experience for me. I advise you to go for it and discover body healing!
- Milad Vosgueritchian, co-founder + chair, community peace leader

The universe talks through you to me

I am doing so much better since our last session. The session with you was so incredible. It calmed my brain – all the exterior noise. It gave me a feeling of calm in general. I really resonate with a lot of stuff you shared. It was really really really good! I
see my path clearly, feel tremendous relief and that all is going to work out. As always, you
are amazing in your guidance. Just amazing! The universe talks
through you to me. I really feel that. I’m always so glad that I met you and you’re in my life. I don’t think I could have the kind of emotional growth and development, and spiritual
growth and development that I’ve had in the past few years without you.
Just another example of the amazing work you’re doing and how you impact
people’s lives in such a positive way. You’re amazing, as always. Thank
you so much!

- Nichole Hosein, Diversity, Equity + Inclusion (DEI) Program Manager

I got clarity on long-standing issues

Kim is an exceptional practitioner who combines traditional psychology with intuitive and holistic practices. I found her to be highly attentive and attuned to my current situation and struggles. Her work with me unlocked issues and pain that needed to be recognized and felt. I am a writer and after I saw her I wrote for hours, getting clarity on long-standing issues. Furthermore, her follow up was excellent. She checked in with me the day after our session, not something that I have experienced with other therapists. I highly recommend Kim as a flexible practitioner who uses multiple modalities.

- Leah Brass Livesey, writer

A blessing for the soul and body!

Kim is a wonderful teacher, who creates a unique space for realigning oneself! The soothing sound therapy and precise instructions make her class a blessing for the soul and body!

- Kim Mayroze, branding agency owner + designer

Guided to mindfulness, love + healing

This is a big shout-out for Kim’s yoga classes.

I am a faithful participant of Kim’s very special yoga classes for the past few years.

Kim’s classes extend far beyond a standard yoga practice. Kim not only guides us through the practice with great care and attention, she also incorporates resonating sound baths with her amazing chimes (you have to hear and see it to believe it!).

Kim guides us towards mindfulness, towards love and healing. After a yoga class, I am energized and refreshed, released of the day’s stresses.

I am truly privileged to be one of Kim’s yoga students, and I highly recommend others to avail themselves of this incredible experience.

- Lori Glashofer, economist

I realigned myself

Kim is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful human being! Thanks to her yoga practice and sound healing path, I could realign myself in a very difficult moment of my life. She is wonderfully intuitive and supports you with patience and grace. Highly recommended!

- Silvia Ciacci, worked at Oxfam

Soothed + energized

I have been attending Kim’s weekly classes for close to 5 years now and each week I leave feeling both soothed and re-energized. She makes each session unique and guides you through the practice in a very clear, warm and supportive way. The sound adds something very special and really enhances the experience. Kim is extraordinarily caring and intuitive and this is felt throughout the practice. It’s hard to fully describe the total experience – Come see for yourself, you will be very glad you did!

- Anne Hartstein Pace, translator