It’s a time of renewal. It’s time to grow out of the old ways and into healthier, more loving, and life-nurturing ones. It’s time to attune to the spiritual aspects of life - to who and what you really are, and what you’re here for...


The Life-Tuning Process = 7 body-healing + 7 mindset-healing practices that help you live in tune with the spirit of love within.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kim Hershorn

I’m an LTP therapist and intuitive mentor and creator of the Life-Tuning Process (LTP)™ – body and mindset work that renews you, the way you live life, and how you serve it.

As a professor and facilitator focusing on transformation, I wanted to go deeper. I was also struggling to heal from a debilitating chronic condition, learning A LOT of mind-body approaches, and developing and teaching my own.

I learned that healing wasn’t intellectual, or just a mind-body thing. Every challenge in our lives was asking us to learn love, and that because of our experience, our bodies were not always “tuned” to love. 

As I learned to attune and listen to my inner guidance, my relationships transformed, my heart healed, my body improved, and my spirit was uplifted. I had a clearer plan, purpose, and path.

My experience became less about history, and more about new possibilities. Yours can, too.

My mission is to help heal your cellular memory, so your body can resonate with Divine presence in the present moment, rather than with old experiences - individual, trans-generational, environmental, cultural or social.

The work of Living Tuned is to connect you to new possibilities for personal, collective and planetary healing.

Here’s what happens when you start living tuned:

✔ You wake up to the miracle that is life.
✔ You open your eyes to life’s many gifts and blessings.
✔ Everything comes alive. You come alive.
✔ You find opportunity in all your challenges, solutions in all your problems + grace in everything. 
✔ You see your plan and purpose.
✔ You listen to your inspiration.
✔ You experience more gratitude and joy, more love, and less fear.
✔ You become heart-guided, internally, rather than externally motivated.
✔ You get healthier – body, mind and spirit. 
✔ You become more gentle and loving with yourself and others and have healthier relationships.
✔ You find your own unique way to uplift the world.

You live like your life is sacred. Because it is. You are.


The School for New Possibilities

Online course + workshops for personal + collective healing.

Intuitive Mentorship Packages

Get guidance + learn the Life Tuning Process (LTP) mind-body-spirit healing practices.

Jerusalem Healing - The Sound Sanctuary

Experience a sonic bath - guided meditations from the holy city. Listen here:


"Working with Kim changed my life. She gave me insight into the underlying issues that needed to be addressed and helped me heal them, not just by understanding them better, but by releasing them from my body. A truly unique and love-filled experience."

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