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Online & in person support to help you live with more joy, clarity, inspiration, & well-being.

International Workshops & School

The International School for New Possibilities works toward personal & collective healing with partners in Poland, Ireland, Germany, London & Jerusalem. Join us for a retreat or workshop.

Jerusalem Healing

Yoga classes, sound healing, meditations, workshops in the holy city. We work with locals & internationals from all walks of life to anchor the power of love in our lives & in the world. 


Knowing where to start on your healing journey can be overwhelming. I will guide and support you every step of the way.
See, step-by-step, what you need to focus on and how to do the work - body, mind & heart. Release old patterns and live this precious life you were born to live.

Hello precious person!

I'm Kim Hershorn PhD

If it has to do with holistic healing, I can help.

Are you sensitive, creative and caring? Do you have a lot to share, express, and give but find it hard to come out of physical or emotional pain, fatigue or overwhelm? Or are struggling with a chronic or autoimmune condition? 

Have you been through a lot and know it’s time to use your experience and wisdom to live a fuller life, and to be of service in your own unique way?

I work with big-hearted women like you who need support, insight, and healing practices to connect you to new possibilities.

I know what it’s like to grow beyond the past and learn to live a new, healthier, more inspired, meaningful and joyful life.

I created the Life-Tuning Process™ and this site to share practices and inspiration on how you can, too.

Life is precious

Each of us, in our own way, is a sacred gift from God.
Each life is a Divine opportunity. When we begin to live it that way, we come alive in the most beautiful way.

Remember yourself and everyone as a baby - the gift, the possibility, the opportunity of the new life. As you age, the value of this life does not diminish. Nor do its opportunities.

The work will help you tune in to those new possibilities.

Learn the Life-Tuning Process™

  • Get INTUITIVE GUIDANCE about what needs awareness, love & healing in your life & heal it
  • Open to new possibilities with TUNED YOGA™ & BODY WORK
  • Transmute your body's memory with SOUND THERAPY with tuning forks & chimes made to bathe you in continuous sound
  • Release your creative flow & your bigger story with ARTS-BASED NARRATIVE THERAPY
  • Learn a step-by-step practice to heal your body & your mindset with the BE GRACE™ TOOLS


"Working with Kim changed my life. She gave me insight into the underlying issues that needed to be addressed and helped me heal them, not just by understanding them better, but by releasing them from my body. A truly unique and love-filled experience."

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