Learn how to tune in to life's new possibilities
by renewing your mindset & your body's memory.

Living Tuned means living in alignment with life – with its sacred essence – through your own heart and soul. It’s time for this. It’s a time of renewal. It’s time to attune to the moment rather than to memory. It’s time to grow out of the old ways of living, and into healthier, more loving, and life-nurturing ones. It’s time to give attention to the spiritual, not just material aspects of life. 

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kim Hershorn

I’m an LTP therapist and coach. I created the Life-Tuning Process (LTP)™ to give you practices, encouragement, and guidance to support you to grow and heal. 

When you live in attunement with the source of life, you wake up to the miracle that is life. You begin to see its many gifts and blessings. Everything comes alive. You come alive.

You see the opportunity in all your challenges, and the grace in everything. You find your plan and purpose. You listen to your inspiration.

You experience more gratitude and joy, more love, and less fear. You become heart-guided, internally, rather than externally motivated.

You get healthier – body, mind and spirit. You become more gentle and loving with yourself and others and have healthier relationships.

Your experience becomes more about possibility and less about history. 

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Courses, Programs and Workshops for individuals and groups: Body, Mindset, World. Learn practices for your own personal healing and refine your relationships, your purpose, and your way forward.

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Guidance to live with more joy, clarity, inspiration, & well-being.

The Life-Tuning Process™ brings together:

Jerusalem Healing - The Sound Sanctuary

If you are in the Holy City, you can experience a sonic bath. The sound assists in the healing of cellular memory. It gives you a new experience of the body without past resonances – which helps you attune to the Divine presence with more ease. In this region, this work supports people from cultures that have experienced chronic stress and complex trauma. This is a unique form of peace work which takes seriously the importance of working with the body to experience peace and build more peaceful relationships. This work has taken me to Germany, Poland, Ireland and Northern Ireland. 


"Working with Kim changed my life. She gave me insight into the underlying issues that needed to be addressed and helped me heal them, not just by understanding them better, but by releasing them from my body. A truly unique and love-filled experience."

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