Here’s How:

Tuned Body classes, Intuitive Counselling + Deep Healing Sessions, in person & online.

Workshops & courses for peace-building, personal & cultural healing, community-building and healthy ecological lifestyles.

Be the LOVE you wish to see in the world (& in your life).
And live the bigger story within you that’s waiting to be lived.

The Jerusalem Healing Sound Sanctuary

Experience a SONIC BATH. Be more present in the body and connect more deeply to the heart in a non-verbal, non-mental way.

The chimes are specially made for 5 minutes of continuous sound – an experience that you can’t find anywhere else.


I just feel better about everything 

I can see the bigger picture and understand why I went through what I went through and appreciate the opportunities being offered me. Working with Kim helped me see that the universe really knows what it’s doing, that we are always supported and guided, and that there is a blessing and Divine hand in everything. Nothing short of inspiring.”

– Malka M, writer