• How to get through challenging times

    Turning to meditation and prayer makes a big difference – especially during challenging times. So I want to share with you some encouraging words that came to me as part of this practice. Now is the time for this. Now is the time for meditation and prayer. It is important for us not to lose […]

  • How to deal with Stress -Tips I gave the J-post

    Here is an excerpt with a few of my top stress tips that I gave to Tracey Shipley of the Jerusalem Post. Tracey came to my yoga class and consulted with me about how parents can deal with stress. “Our teacher, Dr. Kim Hershorn, is the creator of the Life-Tuning Process, which she describes as […]

  • Letting Go Takes Love – Meditate on This

    This poem has helped me and a lot of people I’ve worked with. I always give it to clients – especially those struggling in their relationships and friendships. It’s a sort of 101 for healing through the power of love. It’s something to go back to and re-read often. I hope it inspires you as […]

  • See the Gift in Pain (Op-ed Follow-Up)

    What a week it’s been! Since I got my article on chronic pain published in the Montreal Gazette last week, I’ve got so many encouraging responses and also a couple of requests to speak. I’ve been hearing stories from people who came across my article as far away as New Zealand. It’s amazing how things […]

  • The spark of love brought me out of the dark valley of pain

    Here is my article published in the Montreal Gazette and other Postmedia newspapers across Canada on Oct. 12, 2011. It gave me the opportunity to share the work of love with a few readers, new clients and at a few speaking engagements. Last week, Sharon Kirkey’s series of articles about people suffering with chronic pain […]

  • Why We Suffer (Have Faith)

    It’s hard to understand why we suffer. It’s even harder when you have suffered a lot yourself. I know survivors of trauma who completely lost their faith—not just in others or in God, but in life and in themselves. They begin to see everything through the lens of their painful experience. When I was teaching […]