• 6 Things to Be Aware of if You Want to Heal

    1. Your work is to learn to love more and to heal within you everything that needs love. 2. Your challenges invite you to come out of fear, trauma and stress-based ways of living that limit your ability to experience the fullness of life and love. 3. You are being called to come out of […]

  • Be Joyful You are Alive

    The following is an inspirational message received in meditation during a group session reflecting the opportunity of these days.  Greetings dear ones.  You are so so blessed. You’re so blessed. You do not realize how blessed you are.  Each and everyone born is born with purpose, is born with grace, is born with love. And […]

  • What to do when the world is in shakedown

    If you invite the Divine presence into your life, you will see miracles like never before. True and great miracles. The little things and the big things. We are seeing this unfold in our lives and we feel strengthened – the little desk I found in the street so I could set up a new […]

  • How to get through challenging times

    Turning to meditation and prayer makes a big difference – especially during challenging times, so I want to share with you some encouraging words that came to me as part of this practice. Now is the time for this. Now is the time for meditation and prayer. It is important for us not to lose […]

  • Letter to my father, a meditation on love & life’s transitions

    I had the most amazing conversation with my father last night. I was telling him about my upcoming “Healing History” trip to Poland, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland where I’ll be meeting amazing people working to heal the vestiges of the past that we carry into our present lives. I know I need to write […]

  • make a “best self” list

    Why is it that most people need to work so hard to believe that they can live their inspired visions? One of the exercises I do with students and clients is to help them work through their life stories. I have spent the last few days reading students’ stories from work we’ve been doing to […]