Turning to meditation and prayer makes a big difference – especially during challenging times. So I want to share with you some encouraging words that came to me as part of this practice.

Now is the time for this.

Now is the time for meditation and prayer. It is important for us not to lose our centre during these times of change and upheaval.

It is important not to give in to the atmosphere of fear, misinformation or confusion.

What will uplift you more than any information, is to truly go within to seek the life and inspiration within you.

That’s how you will know what to do and how to be during these confusing times. A focus only on the outside world, will not clear the confusion.

If you bring your attention to your heart, to your inner life, to the breath of Life within you, you will find your clarity and centredness.

Whatever is said in the world, the true authority for each and every human life lies within. 

Within you is the well of life, the source of life that can nurture and replenish you and others around you as you tap into it.

Now more than ever, there’s a need for communion. So find ways to reach out to your brothers and sisters, and to come together. As people come together, something will grow. Something is growing within us all.

Offer to pray for someone. Offer to listen. Be there for each other. Give to your neighbour. Trade. Share. Respond.

Life is everywhere within and around you. And as long as you are alive there are ways to commune.

The way to the heart of others and to the heart of the world, is through your own. Go within and you will know how to reach out to others in the way you are being called.

Remember, within every challenge, there’s a great blessing, a great gift – many gifts, actually. In all situations, LIFE is with you as long as you are alive.

In all situations, love is with you as close as the breath. Love is your essence whether you acknowledge it or not. But if you acknowledge it, if you turn to it, everything will change.

Now is the time.

It is a time of great darkness, it seems. But this is because it is also a time of great light and great opportunity.

Stay with the light, stay in the strength of spirit, rather than the shadow of the world.

As the light strengthens on the planet as it goes through its shifts, the darkness arises. It is like a detoxification.

Think of it like an illness – like a virus, even. During the Covid scare, the focus on the virus and its manifestation was a very good illustration of what is happening on other levels both within you and in the world.

Things are coming out to be cleansed and healed.

Think of some things that have arisen in the world that reflect our collective challenges. Things that might trigger you.

What we are up against is something that as it arises might compromise
our immunity. It is the toxicity of human civilization and consciousness
being released.

This is happening because there is a Purifier. What was not able to come up before and be seen, is surfacing.

So whatever comes up at this time – within yourself and in the world,
try not to judge it or rage against it. Now that you can see it, put it into the light.

That is, it is arising not to be feared, but to be prayed for, blessed, to bring the light of your Life to shine into the darkness or the toxicity to cleanse and purify it.

Whether it is a political dynamic or movement or leader or social situation that upsets you, do not fear.

For you are the light and the light is powerful, and the light always triumphs over darkness. Providing that you stay in the light.

So this is the great opportunity.

The great opportunity is to stay in the light by turning within where the light resides and connecting to your own radiance.

You are being given the perfect situation to go within.

And all is with purpose.

So amidst all the chaos of the world, BE STILL.

Close your eyes and commune with the Divine sacredness that you are, with the light within, and BREATHE.

Connect with the Life, the light, and love that you are. And let it light your way.