A pilot permaculture program for building nutritional + psycho-spiritual resilience in challenging times.

the challengeS

TiGS aims to build a strong foundation for both personal + cultural wellbeing.

1. Learn how to grow and preserve your own food and meet nutritional needs. 

2. Create tiny gardens as sanctuaries in your home as well as in a community space.  

3. Nurture your “inner sanctuary” through trauma-sensitive mind-body-spirit practices, tuned life-story work, sharing, team and relationship building. 

4. Explore your “sacred identity” and the labels, narratives and histories we adopt through cultural conditioning, transgenerational patterns, survival and stress responses. 

Let nature show you how to solve problems + live a healthy life.

What’s Permaculture?

Permaculture refers to building a “permanent” culture – that looks to nature as a model for how we should structure our lives in healthy ways – how we should care for the natural world, ourselves, and each other.

Permaculture uses a set of design principles derived from whole-systems thinking and considers larger ecosystems and the interconnections of life. It isn’t just about gardening, it’s a whole new way of seeing the world that can encourage cultural change, social and personal healing. 

Permaculture values health and spiritual well-being as necessary for sustainable development, ecological design, and peace-building built on the foundation of healthy, whole people and communities.


I just feel better about everything 

I can see the bigger picture and understand why I went through what I went through and appreciate the opportunities being offered me. Working with Kim helped me see that the universe really knows what it’s doing, that we are always supported and guided, and that there is a blessing and Divine hand in everything. Nothing short of inspiring.”

– Malka M, writer