my new house--a foundation of love

Now that 2012 is here, so many people are talking about how it is a time of transition. A lot are into some pretty freaky ideas about where we’re heading. Whatever the truth is about where we are historically or even cyclically, we are definitely living a pretty fascinating period of cultural change and upheaval. I have also been meeting a lot of people recently who are trying to transform their lives. Some have reached a point of crisis—which means that they cannot continue as they have. Some are sick or even dying. Some have worked too hard, been under too much stress, and are out of balance physically, emotionally, or have not taken the time to listen to their own needs or inspiration. Or they cannot realize their dream and are disillusioned and disappointed with themselves, with life, and/or others. Or they are hurt and angry with a relationship or some other dynamic in their lives. Or it is just time to move on, take a leap of faith, and do what they really need to do. They can no longer deny the impulse to listen to their life’s purpose and realize their heart’s longing. But where do they go from here?

So much beauty comes into our lives when we accept to listen to our inner guidance. When we know that something needs changing, that is where we need to go. A successful transition cannot come from fear or being fed up or angry, or a desire to escape or distract oneself from something, somewhere or even someone. The search for a better, healthier, happier, more balanced and fulfilling life, can only come from being in tune with the highest and purest of our own hearts. The new can only be built on Love. Love is the foundation upon which everything “good” grows. It does not come from the strategizing mind that plans, projects and tries to control the outcome of all our wanting. Health, happiness, fulfillment, and being in harmony are results of accepting to be Love. You can have dreams and ambitions and desires to achieve this or that, but nothing can grow in a beneficial, healthy or balanced manner if it does not have its roots in your own loving heart.

But how can you take responsibility for this? How can you accept to work through, bless and heal the dynamics with which you are entangled that are absent of love? What is the root cause of poor health, stress, over-exertion, exhaustion, pain, unhealthy or painful relationships, unhappiness, or lack of love? What happens when you go by your guidance rather than the search for comfort, escape, distraction, entertainment or power? How can you become aware of what you have been clinging to or identifying with that is no longer required? What are you afraid to let go of and why? What would happen if you did? What have you tried to control in your life and why? What would happen if you let go and listened? None of these are easy questions.

And I have way more questions than answers. But one thing I have learned is that the most important thing in life is allowing for love to be the foundation for all you are and all you do. Love is the best first goal. I also know that it is important to be honest with yourself about the ways you are unable to truly love, or about how you seek to have power over a situation, person, or group of people (could even be wanting to stop the “bad guys” or trying to help those who are suffering). How conditional is your love for self, others and life in general (yes, that includes the “bad guys”)? Let it be unconditional. Accept to love no matter what others choose, no matter what goes on in the world. No matter what the situation, accept to forgive, love, bless, and listen. Let the love of your own heart guide you to the place in life you need to be, to what is to be done, to where you need to go and with whom you need to be. Make peace with what you are leaving behind. Let love be your teacher and ask always, what would Love do? Love love above all—because your commitment to love is the foundation for self-love, for loving others, all of life, and for your life’s work, whatever it may be. Transition is often based on just wanting something “different” and striving to get it, but it is far more beautiful when it is based on being someone “better”.