I just got in from a night catching up with an old friend.

Walking back to my car, I caught the tail end of a thunderstorm.

I trudged through giant puddles and glistening streets clutching my umbrella, thinking about what she had said.

“I don’t worry so much anymore,” she had been telling me about work.

“If I have a project and am wondering how it will all get done, I just let go and tell myself it will all work out. You know, it’s about having faith in life. As I let go, the solutions come to me and things always gets done – often in a better way than they would have if I had pushed things along.”

It’s funny. This has been a theme that has kept coming up lately – with friends and clients. So I thought I should share it.

I think the inspiration to let go, trust and receive is essential in times when there’s more stuff happening in the world that we just can’t control.

I keep observing how people establish holding patterns.

They hold on to wanting things to turn out a certain way.

They hold on to ideas about the way things should be or how they should unfold.

They want to control the outcome of circumstances.

It is a common human reflex. But holding is not really beneficial or healthy.

And it is never just mental, it’s also physical and emotional and has repercussions for the whole of our being.

I’ve seen how people hold in their bodies and the amazing transformations that occur when they let go (weight loss, pain relief, increased energy and vitality, for example).

It’s hard to let go and let things come to you – opportunities, ideas, solutions to problems, how to proceed in certain situations.

But once you do, everything changes. Sometimes things turn out better than you could have imagined if you were too busy trying to push them along.