intuitive mentorship packages

Every package gives you step-by-step support. I take time to guide and nurture you on your life-changing journey.
I'm with you every step of the way!

Work with me in person & online

Together we will build your personalized process of healing and strengthening. I will guide you intuitively about how to work with your body, your mindset, and your way forward so you can be the person you were born to be.

individual healing packages

1. Getting Started Package

5 - 1 hour sessions

Discover your foundational patterns and how to heal them. You will take your first important steps to heal the old patterns that hold you back.


2. Build Your Foundation Package

10 - 1 hour sessions

Go deeper and develop the strong foundation you need to live from the heart with more clarity, purpose, and inspiration.


3. Deep Healing Package

15 - 1 hour sessions

The deeper you go, the more life-changing work you will do. Live aligned with life’s bigger picture – its opportunities and synchronicities.


individual sessions $125 per hour

I listen with reverence to what we need to work on in every meeting and see it through to completion.

Online sessions are typically 1 hour long. In person sessions can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. You will get a clear holistic and comprehensive plan, intuitive support and clarity for your unfolding journey of growth and expansion.


Here's what happens in each session:

With each package you'll get a personalized action plan, updated every time we meet. I will help you grow your spiritual wellness practice. You'll always know just what to do after each session. The plan includes...

STEP 1 - Start by reserving your Free Intro Session

Want to know more about how I can help you tune in to life’s new possibilities?

Want to know how I can help you renew your MINDSET & your BODY so you can live the transformation your heart is calling for?

This call will help you get clarity about how we can work together.


3. Deep Healing Package - 6 Month Plan

The deeper you go, the more life-changing work you will do, the more soul-guided, heart-inspired and amazed you will be by the synchronicities and opportunities of life.

Investment starts at $997

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Working with Kim changed my life. She gave me insight into the underlying issues that needed to be addressed and helped me heal them, not just by understanding them better, but by releasing them from my body. A truly unique and love-filled experience.”

    – Annie, teacher
  • “The work Dr. Kim has facilitated with me has restored me, healed me from life-shattering trauma, and filled me with joy and faith. Kim reconnected me with myself and the meaning and purpose of my life. She has a true gift as an intuitive healer and teacher that is remarkable and transformative.”

    – Sabine, art therapist
  • “I just feel better about everything. I can see the bigger picture and understand why I went through what I went through and appreciate the opportunities being offered me. Working with Kim helped me see that the universe really knows what its doing, that we are always supported and guided, and that there is a blessing and Divine hand in everything. Nothing short of inspiring.”

    – Malka, writer