• Be Green Inside

    The cliché is something like: You can’t change the world without changing yourself. Peace in the world requires peace within. You can’t love your neighbour without loving yourself. You know how it goes. I am also of the conviction that it is not enough to try to “do” more green things–like all the lifestyle changes […]

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  • Be in the Eye of the Hurricane

    I just read that Hurricane Katia has ravaged parts of the UK. I’ve been thinking about hurricanes lately–real live ones and metaphorical ones, too. I was in New York City, the Catskills in New York state, the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts and drove up to Montreal on the 7 through Vermont just before Hurricane Irene […]

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  • Let Things Come to You

    I just got in from a night catching up with an old friend. Walking back to my car, I caught the tail end of a thunderstorm. I trudged through giant puddles and glistening streets clutching my umbrella, thinking about what she had said. “I don’t worry so much anymore,” she had been telling me about […]

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