Why is it that most people need to work so hard to believe that they can live their inspired visions?

One of the exercises I do with students and clients is to help them work through their life stories.

I have spent the last few days reading students’ stories from work we’ve been doing to help them flesh out important moments, themes, events and issues in their lives; look at how challenges are also opportunities; and find new ways to see and experience life.

Reading about their struggles, inspirations and dreams, I am reminded again about the universal human challenge of truly loving and believing in one’s self.

Most of us have to work on this.

For me, and for a lot of people I’ve worked with, this starts with self-care.

Taking time for yoga, meditation, relaxation and inner work is key.

Some things are essential to all of us: Finding our connection with the sacred and tuning in to some kind of greater perspective on life; as well as a healthy diet, enough sleep and rest.

So here’s what I suggest: Make a list of what you feel you need to do everyday to feel and be your best self.

Review it and take steps to refining it and to building your self-loving, self-caring habits.

Let this ongoing commitment to yourself be the foundation of a happy, healthy and full life.