The following is an inspirational message received in meditation during a group session reflecting the opportunity of these days. 

Greetings dear ones. 

You are so so blessed. You’re so blessed. You do not realize how blessed you are. 

Each and everyone born is born with purpose, is born with grace, is born with love. And when you see a child born, you can appreciate the miracle, the beauty, the preciousness of this new born child. But this value does not diminish as this child ages. You are still so precious as you were on the day of your birth. So blessed. So valuable. So sacred. Your life. So sacred your life. 

Beloveds, you will see many things in the world in the coming days. You will see many things that will trigger emotions. And you are being asked that when you are being triggered, turn to the Lord, turn to your heart, turn to the breath. Turn. 

Do not let the darkness of emotion take you over. Transcend all identities of the world and align with your true identity in God. That identity has no religion or gender or ethnicity or class status or worldly education, or any such earthly categories, or bodily categories. 

You have the power in God to be the person that you were born to be. Born precious, valuable, with great purpose, with a mission to fulfill, to realize self in the most beautiful, the most sacred way. 

And as the world falls apart around you, know that the Kingdom of Heaven stands eternal. And stand in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Go to the heart. Go to your Divine Selfhood and be edified. Be strengthened by that which you are in your heart of hearts. Do not allow yourself to be triggered. Do not allow yourself to take this side or that side. Stand on the side of Heavenly Love. And you will know what to do, what to say, how to be. 

Do not strategize with the mind as to your way forward. But listen to your heart as to what is next for you, or what you are being truly called to do. And when you answer the call, you will rise above the vicissitudes of the world, and you will find a Joy, a Peace, and a Love that surpasses, as they say, all understanding. No matter what is taking place in the world, you can be aligned with the joy of life. 

As you are alive, be joyful. As you are alive, be appreciative. As you are alive, be thankful. You are not here to suffer. You are not here to be in fear. You are here to bring the New Earth through your love, through your beingness. Your Beingness. Your Beingness. Your Beingness. 

Your Beingness – your identity which is the highest for you, the identity of your loving, Divine Heart. 

Dear ones, Blessed be. Blessed be Beloveds. You are so blessed. You are so blessed. You are so so blessed. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Acknowledge. 

Blessed are the peace makers. Blessed are the peace makers. Blessed are the peace makers. If you have a heart for peace, be blessed. Be blessed and share that blessing with each and everyone. For each and everyone has their purpose. And each thing that is taking place on the planet has its purpose beyond our understanding. It is not for you to know and understand why, why, you ask, why? It is only for you to ask how you can love more, how you can be Love, Beloved. You will never understand why, for it is beyond understanding, what is taking place on this planet and beyond, but you will always be able to experience grace, love, joy, peace, when you are in the heart of your own life.