Dr. Kim

Kim Hershorn, PhD is the creator of the Life-Tuning Process™ which brings together yoga and body work; writing and art; sound and narrative therapy. Kim guides you intuitively toward spiritual and holistic well-being. As a university teacher and educator for NGOs, she has specialized in communication, cultural change, ecology, and social psychology. Originally from Montreal, Kim is based in Jerusalem where she works on peace-building through inter-generational trauma healing. Her international work connects individual and social healing.

  • Why We Suffer (Have Faith)

    It’s hard to understand why we suffer. It’s even harder when you have suffered a lot yourself. I know survivors of trauma who completely lost their faith—not just in others or in God, but in life and in themselves. They begin to see everything through the lens of their painful experience. When I was teaching […]

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  • Be Green Inside

    The cliché is something like: You can’t change the world without changing yourself. Peace in the world requires peace within. You can’t love your neighbour without loving yourself. You know how it goes. I am also of the conviction that it is not enough to try to “do” more green things–like all the lifestyle changes […]

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  • Be in the Eye of the Hurricane

    I just read that Hurricane Katia has ravaged parts of the UK. I’ve been thinking about hurricanes lately–real live ones and metaphorical ones, too. I was in New York City, the Catskills in New York state, the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts and drove up to Montreal on the 7 through Vermont just before Hurricane Irene […]

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  • Let Things Come to You

    I just got in from a night catching up with an old friend. Walking back to my car, I caught the tail end of a thunderstorm. I trudged through giant puddles and glistening streets clutching my umbrella, thinking about what she had said. “I don’t worry so much anymore,” she had been telling me about […]

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