Dr. Kim

Kim Hershorn, PhD is the creator of the Life-Tuning Process™ which brings together yoga and body work; writing and art; sound and narrative therapy. Kim guides you intuitively toward spiritual and holistic well-being. As a university teacher and educator for NGOs, she has specialized in communication, cultural change, ecology, and social psychology. Originally from Montreal, Kim is based in Jerusalem where she works on peace-building through inter-generational trauma healing. Her international work connects individual and social healing.

  • Be Renewed in Each Moment

    In my travels, I met a lot of people into change—permaculturalists, yoga teachers, body-workers and healers, community workers, teachers, a few health nuts, and just everyday people trying to live a healthy life. It is amazing how many people have migrated to Costa Rica in search of this. Many North Americans, Europeans, and even an […]

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  • Stretch from Inside-Out

    For more flexibility of body, mind and spirit, it is important to allow for it, rather than trying to make it happen. This is the difference between active and passive stretching as I practice it. In an active stretch, we physically push the body to be more flexible or to sustain a certain desired position […]

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  • Breathe Deeply

    My new  friend, Rosemary MacGregor, owner of The Mango Tree Spa, recently gave me a lesson on deep abdominal breathing. I thought I had it down from all my work in yoga and Pilates, but I was reminded that, actually, we never have anything “down”. Rosemary has a BA in speech and hearing therapy, RN […]

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  • Let Love Be Your Foundation

    Now that 2012 is here, so many people are talking about how it is a time of transition. A lot are into some pretty freaky ideas about where we’re heading. Whatever the truth is about where we are historically or even cyclically, we are definitely living a pretty fascinating period of cultural change and upheaval. […]

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  • See the Gift in Pain (Op-ed Follow-Up)

    What a week it’s been! Since I got my article on chronic pain published in the Montreal Gazette last week, I’ve got so many encouraging responses and also a couple of requests to speak. I’ve been hearing stories from people who came across my article as far away as New Zealand. It’s amazing how things […]

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  • The spark of love brought me out of the dark valley of pain

    Here is my article published in the Montreal Gazette and other Postmedia newspapers across Canada on Oct. 12, 2011. It gave me the opportunity to share the work of love with a few readers, new clients and at a few speaking engagements. Last week, Sharon Kirkey’s series of articles about people suffering with chronic pain […]

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