The Life-Tuning Process™ will help you bring love, awareness and healing where it is needed.

Since I was a kid, I was sensitive to what was out of balance – in my family, our community, my school… My dad was a news junkie and, watching every evening, I felt constantly heartbroken about what was going on in the world. I wanted to change it and heal its suffering. 

So when I grew up, my career of choice was transformative education. I worked for non-governmental organizations and became a college teacher focusing on all things cultural change — communication, social psychology, peace-building and diversity work, ecology, and wellbeing.

But by the age of 29, I was registered as disabled. After a series of accidents and painful life events, I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition that left me at a loss of how I was going to live. 

One day, at work, my utter exhaustion and physical pain overwhelmed me. I had reached my limit, broke down sobbing and could not stop for hours. That night, in the depths of my despair, I realized that I could no longer focus on healing the world without committing to healing myself.

The only solution my doctors had as to how I would cope with my illness was medication and welfare. The idea of spending the rest of my life medicated, living in poverty on government subsidies, and without a purpose or profession was not an option for me.  

Instead, I searched everywhere for answers. I studied approaches to healing and wellness like yoga and Ayurveda, meditation, nutrition, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and Continuum. I apprenticed with a bio-energetic body-psychotherapist, healer and sound therapist. I got a PhD focusing on the questions I was trying to answer.

I learned that I was a hyper-sensitive empath who not only cared deeply about the pain of others and of the world; I could also feel it in my body.

Everything that I could not detach from; whatever reality I could not accept; however I could not love what was, as it was, I felt pain.

So I learned to love better – myself, others, the world.

I learned that our biggest challenges are also our greatest gifts. Pain, conflict, and crisis wake us up to a journey of healing that can be the most beautiful of blessings.

The practice that came out of this experience calls on the power of love to heal, and the strength of our inner guidance to show us how to live more joyful, heartful, healthy lives. I can show you how.

My mission is to change lives by helping people attune to the spirit of love within, and to open hearts to the need for this in the work of personal and collective healing and well-being. To create a more loving life and world, we need to embody the spirit of love.

If your life is calling you for something deeper, something more, and you are overwhelmed, unsure of where to start or unable to see the way forward, I can help.

The Life-Tuning Process™  is a practice of self-care, self-healing, self-realization, self-awareness and creative self-expression.
Get support to attune to the spirit of love and grace as the foundation for your holistic well-being. I will help you go within, listen, heal, pray, rest, and connect so you can live a soul-guided, heart-inspired life.

Be the love you wish to see in the world & in your life.


For more about my story, check out this article published in various Postmedia newspapers: The Spark of Love Brought Me Out of the Dark Valley of Pain; and this one: Getting the Support We Need, my advice to the J-post about how to deal with stress.

Professional Bio

Kim Hershorn, PhD is an LTP therapist and intuitive mentor. She created the Life-Tuning Process™, a unique way of working with the body’s memory and mindset so we could live less from history and more for life’s new possibilities.

For years, Kim was a professor (specialising in social psychology, culture, communication, leadership and ecology); and a transformative educator giving workshops for community organizations committed to cultural change.

At the same time, she focused on healing from a debilitating chronic condition, learning various mind-body practices and therapies. She grew beyond her work as a yoga teacher to incorporate the approaches that worked best and developed her own. The foundation of this work was what she learned through her mentor – how to listen and attune to the healing power of love within.

Originally from Montreal, Kim is based in Jerusalem from where she works internationally on the interconnections between individual, collective, and land/ecology healing; trans-generational trauma; and the overlapping wounds of our communities’ histories. This work has brought her to Germany, Poland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

OUT OF JERUSALEM: (since 2013) AACI; Bishvilach Women’s Wellness Centre; Enosh, the Israeli Mental Health Association; Beit Ashems Center for Self-Development; Kvinna till Kvinna centre for women’s rights; Seeds of Peace Women of Action group; Spiritual Counseling in Situations of Conflict, Program to Heal Trauma; Beit Shemesh Women’s Wellness Expo; Moshav Modiim; Bar Ilan University; Holy Land Trust; Willy Brandt Center; Work Factory; Kids 4 Peace.

INTERNATIONAL: with Non-Violent Communication senior trainer, Irmtraud Kauschat in Germany; The Hollies Center for Sustainability, Ireland; 5 Senses Rural Club, Costa Rica; Jewish Eldercare Montreal; the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Youth Institute, Montreal; the Centre for Creative Arts in Human Development, Concordia University; Canada-South Africa Education Management Program, McGill University; Leave Out Violence youth program; Department of Foreign Affairs JPO 
program, Durban, South Africa; Equipo Pueblo, Mexico; Businesses in Dusseldorf, Vienna, Amsterdam; American School, Japan

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