Tuned Yoga

Tuned Yoga™ is a meditative, bioenergetic and restorative yogic practice with sound attunement therapy.

It helps you remember and connect to the sacredness of life through the breath.

Learn the practice of attunement through the BE GRACE™ BODY TOOLS for self-care and self-healing.

Integrate the tools into your everyday life and get support on your journey. This process of strengthening will help you grow beyond old, unbeneficial ways of being to renew your life.
The sound of 2 octaves of chimes allows for deep body work and the release of old patterns from your cellular memory.

screen-shot-2013-12-17-at-7-46-10-pmThe sound…

addresses the body’s memory (epigenetics)
• bathes the body (5 mins)
• is a non-verbal, non-mental way of connecting deeply
• wakes up the body at a cellular level
• gets you in touch with what’s alive in you
• helps you connect beyond body & mind to the heart
• cleanses the body
• relaxes you
• helps you let go of old patterns of the past & open to the new

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