Individual Sessions

Be it chronic physical or emotional pain, trauma or stress; old habits you can’t quite move beyond; trouble getting started or finding your motivation; relationships that don’t feel quite right; a work situation that’s not really you…

In One-on-One “tuning” sessions, I support you with

  • assisted movement & release on a massage table & on a yoga mat
  • sound attunement therapy with tuning forks, chimes, voice
  • working with the embodied stories and life patterns through reflection, body and breath work
  • looking at the root of bodily blockages, aches and pains, and imbalances
  • holistic wellness coaching helping you develop a practice of self-care and healing

I work intuitively and receive step-by-step guidance before and during our session about how to assist you. Together, we heal cellular memory, releasing the embodied past; making room for something new.

Book an online or in-person session

* For online sessions, I do follow up coaching and intuitive guidance with people who have had at least one in-person session with me.

These are the tuning forks I work with:


And these are my sound healing chimes: