What happens in a 1-on-1 Life-Tuning Process™ session?

I facilitate you to heal your embodied past and make room for something new. We look at the root of physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages, pain and imbalances that keep you from living a soul-guided, heart-inspired life. We also look at how these challenges are also opportunities and gifts for growth.

We work with your embodied stories and patterns through:

intuitive body work – assisted movement with breath, and release on a massage table and on a yoga mat

sound attunement – with tuning forks, chimes, voice

iconic story work – we use images that represent issues or incidents from your life that need attention and love. I present them to you to bring awareness to the deep, often unconscious resonances that you hold in your body at a deep cellular level. Together we reflect on them and bring them into the light so they can be understood and healed.

holistic wellness coaching – I help you develop a practice of self-care and self-healing through yoga, meditation and prayer, nutrition, and other ways to move forward with a healthier, more attuned life.

Book an online or in-person session

* For online sessions, I do follow up coaching with intuitive guidance with people who have had at least one in-person session with me.

These are the tuning forks I work with:

And these are my chimes: