stress tips I gave the J-post

Here is an excerpt with a few of my top stress tips that I gave to Tracey Shipley of the Jerusalem Post. Tracey came to my yoga class and consulted with me about how parents can deal with stress. “Our teacher, Dr. Kim Hershorn, is the creator of the Life-Tuning Process, which she describes as […]

How to Deal with a Death in the Family

My grandmother died in her sleep two days before her 99th birthday. In dealing with her death, I wrote this. It helped my family and maybe it could help others, too.

Open the Heart (Heal Your Body)

Last week’s tip was about releasing the neck. This week, I want to focus on opening the heart for the alignment of the whole upper body and shoulder girdle. Before giving you pointers you can use on the mat, in exercise, and in daily life to have more comfort in your body and ease of […]

Stretch from Inside-Out

For more flexibility of body, mind and spirit, it is important to allow for it, rather than trying to make it happen. This is the difference between active and passive stretching as I practice it. In an active stretch, we physically push the body to be more flexible or to sustain a certain desired position […]

Breathe Deeply

My new  friend, Rosemary MacGregor, owner of The Mango Tree Spa, recently gave me a lesson on deep abdominal breathing. I thought I had it down from all my work in yoga and Pilates, but I was reminded that, actually, we never have anything “down”. Rosemary has a BA in speech and hearing therapy, RN […]

See the Gift in Pain (Op-ed Follow-Up)

What a week it’s been! Since I got my article on chronic pain published in the Montreal Gazette last week, I’ve got so many encouraging responses and also a couple of requests to speak. I’ve been hearing stories from people who came across my article as far away as New Zealand. It’s amazing how things […]