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…if you want to live a soul-guided, heart-inspired, healthy life.

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I’m Kim Hershorn PhD.

I created the Life-Tuning Process™ to help heart-centered, service-oriented people live the soul-guided, heart-inspired, healthy lives they were born to live.

Living Tuned means to live in alignment with life’s loving essence.

Get inspired to see and experience life’s grace, miracles and blessings.

Its new possibilities. Your bigger story.

  • Strengthen the body’s life force with yoga, bodywork, nutrition & sound healing
  • Release what holds you back from your full self-expression & creativity through talk, writing &/or art
  • Understand & work through the connections between personal, familial, social, cultural, environmental healing & well-being
  • Learn a process of self-healing, self-care & self-realization based on bio-energization
  • Find your contribution, your place & your purpose

The more you practice, the more you will live like…


Contact me for an individual intuitive session by phone or in person. Find out about my international workshops & Tuned Yoga Classes.

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