As a culture, we are out of tune with life.

We are disconnected. We rarely take time to listen to what’s most important to us, or for community, or to attune to the rhythms and cycles of nature, or to some greater sense of meaning and purpose.

If we’ve been under stress, experienced trauma or spent time in stressful environments or situations, we cut ourselves off from our vital life energy. We go into survival mode.

Our life stories emerge from our coping strategies rather than our inspired vision.

The institutions of modern society (governments, schools, workplaces, media, health care systems) have failed to teach us how to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. We face a growing epidemic of stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Our collective history with its conflicts, ecological devastation and material values that ignore life’s sacredness, deeply affect us.

But we are in a time of transition. Of cultural transformation.

You feel it. Because that change is coming from inside us. But you need some support to move into the new way of being that’s calling us.

I can help. Find out how.

I got into this work because I knew that things could be different. I knew that there was more to life than what I had been living. And I was trying to save my own life.

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There is enchantment right in front of you, waiting for you to notice.” – Janet Luhrs

Professional Bio (me in 3rd Person)

Kim Hershorn, PhD is a transformative educator and coach, history healer, and the creator of the Life-Tuning Process™ and the BE GRACE™ tools for self-leadership. She helps heart-centered people grow beyond old patterns so they could tune in to life’s new possibilities. As a university teacher, Kim specialized in communication, cultural change, identity and social psychology. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Kim has worked in nine countries. She has also studied various approaches to well-being, is a certified yoga teacher, permaculture enthusiast, and compassionate communication practitioner (NVC). Since 2013, she has spent much of her time in Jerusalem where she is involved with programs that promote healing and understanding in face of complex trauma.


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