Professional Bio 

Kim Hershorn PhD is a coach, therapist and transformative educator, and the creator of the Life-Tuning Process, a body-based practice that helps you heal your embodied history so you could live a soul-guided, heart-inspired, healthy life.

It brings together sound therapy, yoga, story work (using talk, writing and art), and insights from non-violent communication.

Kim specializes in women’s well-being especially in the context of complex and inter-generational trauma, and identity-based conflicts. She works 1-on-1 and also leads group processes that connect individual and social healing.

My Story 

For over a decade, I was a college teacher and transformative educator for NGOs, teaching and facilitating groups and classes on all things culture—communication, psychology, ecology, health, sustainable development and social change.

At the same time, I struggled to live a normal life as my health deteriorated after a car accident. By the age of 29, I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I was officially considered disabled.

This led me on a journey of healing that was deeper than just working on my ailing body. I learned that what we held in our bodies was inter-generational, environmental, social, emotional and spiritual. This work became my greatest blessing. It led me to see and understand the miracle of life and to experience the essence of love that is at the heart of all life.

I also grew up aware of the wounds of history. As a minority in the wake of a nationalist movement in Montreal, in a neighbourhood full of Holocaust and pogrom survivors, I felt it in my family, in my community, in my province.

I witnessed inter-generational mental and physical health issues; including the chronic autoimmune diseases of women that were not well understood or well treated by doctors.

I came to see that the unhealed wounds of the past shut down the body, the mind, and the heart, and cut us off from life – ourselves, others, the world.

The practice that came out of this experience calls on the power of love to heal, and the strength of our inner guidance to show us how to live happier, healthier lives. 

My experience is international and intercultural. I work together with my international partners in Germany, Poland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Canada. My work is also deeply influenced by my time in South Africa and Mexico. Since 2012, I have been based in Jerusalem where I have worked with people on all sides of the conflict.

In addition to giving workshops at my Jerusalem studio, I have worked with: AACI; Bishvilach Women’s Wellness Centre; Enosh, the Israeli Mental Health Association; Beit Ashems Center for Self-Development; Kvinna till Kvinna (centre for women’s rights); Seeds of Peace Women of Action group; Spiritual Counseling in Situations of Conflict, Program to Heal Trauma; Beit Shemesh Women’s Wellness Expo; Moshav Modiim; Bar Ilan University; Holy Land Trust; Willy Brandt Center; Work Factory; Kids 4 Peace.

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