The world is changing for the better. And so are we.

Yes, there are challenges and upheavals. When we look at the world, it could be overwhelming.

But it is also a time of opportunity.

How will we find the strength to let go of fear and align ourselves to our higher calling, a better future? How will we live our purpose, find solutions and new ways of living in more fulfilling, loving, joyful and meaningful ways?

Collectively, we are paying more attention to HAPPINESS, WELLNESS, SUSTAINABILITY & AUTHENTICITY. Material gain and the bottom line are no longer the main thing that we value as a culture.

You care about this shift. You feel it. And you want your life and work to reflect the growing awareness that life is precious and sacred.

I help individuals and groups work toward a new, healthier, happier, more life-affirming way of living, learning and working.

My Self-Leadership Workshops help organizations, educational institutions and businesses work toward cultural change.

My Life-Tuning Process individual and group sessions and classes help individuals go deep to heal and grow.

To begin you must tune in.

I use embodied therapy, yoga inspired exercises, embodied leadership, sound therapy, and reflective practices like story, writing and art, to show you how to tune in to your own guidance and inspiration, transcend the past, renew yourself and find your unique contribution to making life better for you and your communities. And have fun while learning!


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