Life-Tuning™ is a heart-centered & embodied process for changing your life, your health & the world!

You see life as a process of refinement.

You long to live from the heart–be authentic, find fulfillment, meaning, and purpose, and to do your life’s work.

You want to make a difference in this world in your own unique way.

You strive to be better, to feel truly alive and well, and to live fully—body, mind, and spirit.

You are committed to living in the present, appreciating the gifts of the moment, being free of the past, making today richer than yesterday and to building a better future for yourself and for others.

I get that. That’s me. That’s how I got into my Life-Tuning™ work. (Read my story).

Through private sessions, classes and workshops, Life-Tuning™ engages you– body, mind and spirit–to embody a new way of being. It helps you attune to life, your heart, your authentic self.

I help you heal your non-beneficial habits and patterns and to use your challenges to grow into your full potential–one step at a time.

Let’s get started!