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INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS – “Heal Your Embodied History.” Learn how to work with your body’s memory. Let the power of heartfulness heal you & connect you to the bigger purpose, meaning, and inspiration of your life.

TUNED YOGA CLASSES – Let this meditative, restorative, bioenergetic, practice with sound attunement therapy heal your body at a deep cellular level and connect you to your heart.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS – Let me guide you in a nurturing process of healing and growth with intuitive body work with sound attunement therapy with chimes & tuning forks, iconic story work & holistic wellness coaching.

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SOUND ATTUNEMENT. With tuning forks and chimes. Listen to my chimes here. Each one was specially made for 5 minutes of continuous sound for a therapeutic sonic bath - an experience you can't find anywhere else. Click the image to learn more about the benefits.

ICONIC STORY WORK. We explore patterns from your life with icons - images or symbols that help you get in touch with what needs to be worked on. Get a new perspective on your story. In my workshops, we use meditative writing, drawing, & collage.

BE GRACE™ TOOLS FOR SELF-HEALING. Learn a step-by-step process of working with your body and your story. Develop a meditative, reflective & embodied practice that you can use daily to uplift your life.

I’m Kim Hershorn PhD, the creator of The Life-Tuning Process™, a body-based practice of heartfulness. I help heart-centered people heal their embodied histories so they could live heart-inspired, soul-guided, healthy lives.

Through my signature program, The School for New Possibilities™, I work one-on-one with individuals and groups, giving them step-by-step tools to realize a fuller experience of life, love, and grace—for themselves, their communities, and the world. Learn more about me.

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Letter to my father, a meditation on love & life’s transitions

I had the most amazing conversation with my father last night. I was telling him about my upcoming “Healing History” trip to Poland, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland where I’ll be meeting amazing people working to heal the vestiges of the past that we carry into our present lives. I know I need to write […]

Replenish the body’s nutrients to heal chronic conditions

The mineralization of the body is essential for healing and well-being at all levels–physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. It supports the body’s ability to integrate life force–what in the yogic tradition is called “prana”, “chi” in Chinese medicine, and “Holy Spirit” in Judeo-Christian traditions. In Eastern medicine, a block in the flow of energy causes disease […]

make a “best self” list

Why is it that most people need to work so hard to believe that they can live their inspired visions? One of the exercises I do with students and clients is to help them work through their life stories. I have spent the last few days reading students’ stories from work we’ve been doing to […]

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